Dev Shastra Guru Puja:


This puja honors the Dev, Shastra, and Guru. 

- Dev means God or Arihant or Siddha

- Shastra means Scriptures

- Guru means Teachers or one who possesses "real knowledge."


By honoring Dev, Shastra, and Guru, we draw attention to these three entities as a means for our path to liberation. 



Preparation for Puja:



Body Cleansing - A bath should be taken before the puja.

Clothes - Clean washed clothes.  In some traditions only dhoti or Kurta Pajama is preferred. 

Abhishek - (Coronation) - The idol coronation (pouring of pure water over the idol) takes place before the puja.

Reciting of Prayers - While getting ready for puja, prayers should be recited.

Body purification - Place kesar (saffron paste) on ring finger and anoint the forehead, left and right earlobe, the neck, and near the belly button to symbolize cleanliness of the body.




Namokar Mantra and Chattari mangalam - Say "om jay jay jay, namostu, namostu, namostu" and sing Namokar Mantra. 


The rays of sun of Siddhas illuminates; I bow to Siddhas, scriptures, and monks who are on the path of right faith, knowledge, and conduct.  I ask Siddha, scriptures, and monks to settle in my mind while I do this puja.  Here we invite Dev, Shastra, and Guru to the puja so we can pray to them.  This is done by taking three full cloves and holding one clove at a time between the two ring fingers, while keeping clove head pointed forward and while chanting the sthapana, offer the cloves. 


- first clove - think of Dev, Shastra, and Guru to COME into our THOUGHTS

- second clove - think of Dev, Shastra, and Guru to STAY into our THOUGHTS

- third clove - think of Dev, Shastra, and Guru to BE NEAR ME



Samagri (Offerings)


  1. Jal  - Water
  2. Chandan - Sandalwood (in form of Sandalwood water)
  3. Akshat - Rice
  4. Pushpa - Yellow Colored Rice 
  5. Navaidya - Coconut bits
  6. Deep - Lamp (in form of Yellow Colored Coconut bits)
  7. Dhoop - Incense (in form of Cloves)
  8. Fal- Fruit (in form of Almonds) 
  9. Argh - Mix of All of the Above 





Shanti Path 

Say Namokar mantra 9 times

Visarjan - If knowingly or unknowingly I have committed mistakes during the Puja, please forgive me.



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